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Govt ensures uninterrupted gas supplies to urea plants

December 03, 2021 (MLN): The government has ensured uninterrupted gas supplies to the urea plants for boosting domestic production for the Rabi season, Minister for Industries and Production Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar said during a meeting with manufacturers of the fertilizer industry on Thursday. 

The meeting reflected upon current stock position and production targets of urea and other fertilizers in month of December 2021, as reported by APP. 

The Minister noted that the domestic production of urea stood historic around 34 lac tonnes in this year due to prudent and timely measures taken by the government.

 Irrespective of escalating global prices of urea amounting Rs 10, 000 per bag, the government had managed successfully to keep price of urea at Rs1768 per bag for robust cultivation of Rabi crops, he added. 

Moreover, the Minister appreciated the cooperation from fertilizer companies to ease out artificial fertilizer crunch and said that collective efforts had helped the district administration to provide urea bag as per notified prices.

According to the APP, the minister also shared that a new enactment to reward whistle-blowers was being promulgated to check hoarding and profiteering, by which, a maximum of Rs5 million will be rewarded to those who will provide credible and actionable information about hoarding of fertilizers to the government.

In spirit of prioritizing the interest of farmers, the Minister reiterated that the constant monitoring of supply of urea from manufacturing units and movement of fertilizers at the selling point would continue in December.

He also called for blacklisting of dealers engaged in hoarding and black marketing of urea amidst Rabi season.

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