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Formation of Judicial Commission likely on Panama verdict – an investment banker says

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A foreign fund institution expects a commission to be formed, a decision likely to be announced in the country’s biggest apex court decision.
According to a finding of foreign fund institution closely watching the development of Panama case, where several names of politicians appeared in April 2016 where more thousands of papers were released.
The finding revealed that a Commission would be formed to further investigate the properties held by Nawaz Sharif’s sons in London.
The decision likely to be announced  would herald that a process on how to handle similar cases in the future would be set.
“We don’t believe there will be a verdict on Artile 62 & 63 (Nawaz Sharif accused of lying in front of parliament based on statements from April 5th to May 16th 2016)”, the banker said.
There seems to be too little evidence supporting either side at this stage.
“If our base case is correct we expect a positive market reaction on Friday”, the investment banker said.

Posted on: 2017-04-20T10:40:00+05:00