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Food Exports rise by 19.87 Percent in April compared to last years numbers

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Pakistan Bureau of Statistics revealed data regarding exports of major food commodities which include basmati rice, vegetables, fish, and sugar and oil seed. The listed food sector commodities witnessed a positive growth during the ongoing growth.

The data revealed that Food Group Exports for the month of April grew by 19.87 percent in comparison to exports numbers from the corresponding month last year.

A total of commodities worth US$ 392.362 were exported as compared to the last years’ April numbers of US$ 327.320 million.

Detailed analysis of each items on the list revealed an increase of 1.6 percent in Rice Exports. About 347,250 metric tons of rice worth US$ 175.794 million was exported compared to 413,226 tons worth US$ 173.43 million during the same month last year.

A total amount of 53,260 metric tons of basmati rice was exported as compared the exports of 45,663 metric tons during the same period last year.

Fish exports grew y 32.61%. A total of US$ 40.66 million worth of fish and fish preparations was exported as compared US$ 30.66 million worth last year.

Meanwhile, sugar exports from the country increased by 100 percent in last month as 67,186 metric tons of sugar valuing US$ 36.287 million exported.

However, food group exports from the country during last 10 months (July-April) decreased by 8.57 percent and was recorded at US$ 3.076 billion as compared the exports of US$ 3.365 billion of the same period of last year.

Posted on: 2017-05-23T15:10:00+05:00