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EMCO to manufacture High Voltage Instrument Transformers project

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February 28, 2022 (MLN): The board of directors of EMCO Industries (EMCO), in its meeting held on February 25, 2022, has approved a project to manufacture, assemble and sell High Voltage Instrument Transformers for voltages up to 245kV under a technical licensing agreement, the company's filing on PSX showed today.

Instrument Transformers are used extensively in the high voltage substations for measuring current and voltages and offering protection and monitoring capabilities for the operation of the power grid.

Most often, this equipment is deployed at large power generating facilities to measure the power being generated, as well as at large commercial and industrial consumer sites to accurately measure the power being utilized.

They are also used for isolating the environment between the metering and protection circuits in substations. Primary clients for Instrument Transformers are NTDC, DISCOs, EPC contractors and large private industrial clients. EMCO is poised to be the only domestic manufacturer for Instrument Transformers in Pakistan.

The introduction of a locally manufactured, duly type tested and certified Instrument Transformer product from independent accredited laboratories will not only promote local industry but will also save precious foreign exchange for the country, the notice added.

In another notification, the company informed that the board has also approved a BMR project to enhance the capacity of the porcelain insulator manufacturing facility by 40%.

EMCO has planned this BMR activity to not only add capacity to allocate to the rising demand in domestic and export markets but also to aggressively pursue automation and controls of existing equipment to enhance product yields and optimize production processes.


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Posted on: 2022-02-28T11:09:28+05:00