Construction of new dams is need of hour: Experts

Energy Experts on Wednesday said that development of new water and hydropower projects is the need of the hour to meet the ever-increasing demand of water and energy in country.

Energy Expert Hanan Mushtaq talking to Radio Pakistan highlighted the importance of building new and mega water reservoirs saying that water will be one of the major issues confronting in near future.

He said that construction of Dams would not only resolve country's water crises but would bring prosperity to the country and provide jobs to thousands of people.

Water levels have gone down considerably in the country and If stringent steps are taken to control the power losses, then there will be decrease in the energy crisis too, he mentioned.

Economist Dr. Noor Fatima said Electricity is a main component in the economic development of any country. In order to convert backward economy into modern economy electricity plays a major role.

She explained the government devise efficient policies to overcome energy shortage but the implementation of these policies become a main hurdle. The next government should pay special attention on construction of new dams and on generating electricity through alternate sources.

The next government should prioritize the improvement of energy mix and use alternate resources for electricity production. Construction of new dams is the need of the time so all the political parties much develop a mutual consensus in this regard, he added.


Posted on: 2018-06-06T12:47:00+05:00