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China to make PM Imran Khan’s visit a complete success: Spokesperson

BEIJING, Oct 26: China will work with Pakistan to make relations between the two countries a model of good neighborliness and friendship, a pillar of regional peace and stability and a benchmark for building the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese foreign ministry said on Friday.

“We are willing to work with the Pakistani side to make China-Pakistan relations a model of good-neighborliness and friendship, a pillar of regional peace and stability, and a benchmark for building the “Belt and Road,” Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said while responding to a question asked by APP about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s upcoming visit official visit to China.

She said the Chinese side was also willing to work together with the Pakistani side to make Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to China a complete success and to promote new and greater development of China-Pakistan relations.

China, she said, had invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to pay an official visit to China in early November and attend the first China International Import Expo.

“China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners, and the relationship between the two countries has always been operating at a high level,” she added.

Hua Chunying said after being elected the prime minister, Imran Khan emphasized that he should continue to regard relations with China as the cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy and firmly promote the construction of the China-Pakistan economic corridor, adding, “China highly appreciates this.”

She said shortly after the establishment of the new Pakistani government, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Pakistan and reached broad consensus with the Pakistani leaders on China-Pakistan relations and cooperation in various fields.

Responding to another question she said China was aware of difficulties faced by Pakistan in its financial situation, adding, “We support Pakistan in taking proactive measures to deal with this.”

Hua Chunying said actually, China also provided its utmost efforts and assistance to Pakistan and added that China believed Pakistan had a capability to ensure its steady economic development.

At the invitation of the Chinese leadership, Prime Minister Imran Khan would pay an official visit to China from November 2 to 5.

After his visit to Beijing, the prime minister would visit Shanghai to participate in First China International Import Expo in Shanghai, where Pakistan is exhibiting a wide range of export products.



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