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Business model changes during COVID-19 to ensure smooth functioning

Aug 26, 2020: Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19, changes have been witnessed in many companies’ business models, office policies and working conditions in order to keep the business running.

Many international tech companies having their offices here in Pakistan like Alachisoft also opted for the best model during the phase of COVID-19. Software export businesses like Alachisoft, whose products are used by businesses to increase their online performance and scalability, thrived with new customers, said a press release issued here Wednesday.

The service and support work have seen a jump due to all the changes their clients have been making to adjust to work from home and handling business operations online. Full work from home models were implemented successfully while completely virtualizing all their business operations.

Likewise, the food industry also opted into a complete delivery system through partnerships with various companies making all ordering, pickup and delivery work online as well as increasing their online brand and presence.

All these changes hint towards two things. The first, is that the landscape for both domestic and foreign economies will permanently be changed even after the effects of the Coronavirus have dissipated. And second, if businesses want to succeed, they need to innovate and be flexible to changes in their existing models.


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