Britain braces for make-or-break Brexit vote

March 11, 2019: British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to reveal Monday what changes, if any, she has secured to her EU divorce deal, on the eve of a crucial vote in parliament less than three weeks before Brexit day.

Two months ago, parliament overwhelmingly rejected the withdrawal agreement May has struck with the European Union, and sent her back to Brussels to renegotiate.

But as MPs prepare to vote again on the deal on Tuesday, the prime minister has little to show for her efforts, prompting warnings of another humiliating defeat.

Failure means Britain could end 46 years of ties with its closest trading partner on March 29 with no new arrangements in place, causing huge disruption on both sides of the Channel.

But it would also raise the possibility of a delay to Brexit.

While Europhiles in May's Conservative Party would welcome a delay as a possible precursor to a second referendum on EU membership, Eurosceptic strongly oppose it.


Posted on: 2019-03-11T09:58:00+05:00