Bearish sentiments prevail as the index loses over 200 points

Investors demonstrated bearish sentiments as the 100 index opened the day below the previous closing and took a nosedive during the final hours, shedding 201 points to settle at 42,544 points by the day end.

During the day, the benchmark index marched up to an intraday high of 42,843 points and dropped to an intraday low of 42,516 points, thus travelled within a range of 327 points.

Compared to trading activity of close to 107 million shares traded yesterday, a total of 75.5 million shares of the companies constituting the index were traded today, at a value worth PKR 5.3 billion.

Among the companies listed within KSE – 100, 96 companies were traded today. Of these, 26 companies closed the session at a higher stock price than the day before, while 68 companies closed the day at lower stock prices than before.

Fertilizer and Cement companies, followed by Tobacco companies, drove the losses on the 100 index as they collectively took away 93 points from the index.

The broader KSE All Share too lost 218 points during the day’s session and concluded they day at 30,757 points. The intraday high within KSE has been recorded at 31,038 points while intraday low logged in at 30,677 points today.

On the volume fornt, the companies constituting the KSE All Share Index witnessed a trading activity of 183.4 million shares at a value worth PKR 7.7 billion.

Of all the scrips that were traded within KSE all share today, 106 scrips closed the session in the positive zone while 210 scrips closed it in the negative zone.

Companies belonging to the Chemical sector collectively traded 44 million shares during today’s trading session, thus dominating the volumes at KSE today.




Posted on: 2018-08-28T18:10:00+05:00