Azgard -9: What to wear your fears away

Aug 3, 2020 (MLN): Azgard- 9 has presented Shield, an innovative line of protective fabrics i.e. Virus Protection Denim that protects from Viruses like Coronavirus and Bacteria.

The shield is designed to withstand attacks from the invisible enemy, having Antiviral and Hydrophobic properties that minimize the chance of contracting diseases.

It is pertinent to mention that the shield would serve as a deterrent to many viruses and COVID-19.

This new product development, Shield uses state of the art German formulation – SILVERPLUS®. This is widely being used in bacteriostatic applications. The antimicrobial effect of the natural element silver is exclusively based on free silver ions.

Benefits of the Shield, Virus Protection Denim include:

•             The SILVER PLUS German formula kills microbes and other virus-carrying germs.

•             The unique Water Repellent property resists the entry of harmful viruses and bacteria like the Coronavirus, which are carried through moisture.

•             All Shield products are sustainable and long-lasting even after multiple home washes.


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Posted on: 2020-08-03T11:45:00+05:00