50% of equipment foundation work completed: Aisha Steel Mills

Aisha Steel Mills Ltd has just reported its quarterly progress report on its expansion project whereby they’ve announced that the building erection work is progressing at a rapid pace and is now in advance stages of completion.

They’ve further revealed that the equipment foundation work of Galvanizing line, Pickling line, and Batch Annealing Furnaces is in progress and, on the average, 50% has been completed. Erection work on the Galvanizing Line has also commenced.

Furthermore, they’ve reported that the extension of water treatment plant is also in advance stages of completion now, while work on Utility Piping has begun.

Most of the Galvanizing Line equipment has arrived at site, while the first shipment of PPPL has arrived as well, said the company in a notification to the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Aisha Steel Mills has been working on an expansion project since 2017 for which letters of credit had been established earlier for the supply of equipment from various manufacturers in Germany, Austria and China, amounting to Rs. 3.99 billion. Contract for the civil work had been awarded to M/s. Izhar Construction (Pvt) Limited.

In its progress report till April 2018, the company had reported that out of the 4 zones of the building, the civil foundation for Zone-1 had been completed.

They had also reported that 70% of pre-engineered building structure had arrived at the site at the time, basic data on civil foundation for Pickling and Galvanizing had been received while building found had been completed. Erection of building was in advance stages (70% completed) at the time while equipment foundation work for Galvanizing line, Pickline line and Batch Annealing Furnances had already commenced back then. 

The company had also reported that an additional water reservoir tank had been been established while extension of the water treatment plant was in progress. By April 2018, the company had received the first batch of equipment of the Galvanizing line at the port.

Deatiled construction drawings for the rolling mill were also in progress at the time.

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Posted on: 2018-07-24T13:30:00+05:00