SBP Sells T-Bills Worth Rs.85.63Bn

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SBP conduct a MTB auction on wednesday in which it sold Rs.85.62Bn in Treasry Bills against a pre-auction target of Rs.150Bn. All Bids for the 12m instrument was rejected, while the cut off yields for the 3M and 6M instruments remained unchanged from the previous auction.

TenorMaturityBids #Bid AmountBid Range
Summary of Bids Received
3M03-Mar-163691,548.006.2591 – 6.4380
6M09-Jun-162762,900.006.3946 – 6.4800
12M08-Dec-16614,000.006.4459 – 6.4914

Out of the Above SBP Accepted the following

TenorCutoff YldW.A YieldRealizedFace Value
Summary of Result
12MBids Rejected

In the Non Competitive Auction the SBP sold T-Bills worth Rs.8.50Bn, making the total size of the Auction Rs.94.124Bn.

Posted on: 2015-12-09T17:46:00+05:00

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