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SBP Sells T-Bills Worth Rs.85.63Bn

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SBP conduct a MTB auction on wednesday in which it sold Rs.85.62Bn in Treasry Bills against a pre-auction target of Rs.150Bn. All Bids for the 12m instrument was rejected, while the cut off yields for the 3M and 6M instruments remained unchanged from the previous auction.

Tenor Maturity Bids # Bid Amount Bid Range
Summary of Bids Received
3M 03-Mar-16 36 91,548.00 6.2591 – 6.4380
6M 09-Jun-16 27 62,900.00 6.3946 – 6.4800
12M 08-Dec-16 6 14,000.00 6.4459 – 6.4914

Out of the Above SBP Accepted the following

Tenor Cutoff Yld W.A Yield Realized Face Value
Summary of Result
3M 6.3933 6.3817 64,673.17 65,623.00
6M 6.3946 6.3946 19,382.00 20,000.00
12M Bids Rejected

In the Non Competitive Auction the SBP sold T-Bills worth Rs.8.50Bn, making the total size of the Auction Rs.94.124Bn.

Posted on: 2015-12-09T17:46:00+05:00