Qatar embassy to establish special facilitation center for more Pakistan’s workforce

ISLAMABAD, Oct 21: Qatar Embassy is all set to establish a special center here for facilitation of Pakistani workforce aims at increasing job opportunities for them and avoiding exploitation at the hands of employers abroad. 

“Such a facility will ease the visa getting process for Pakistanis, ensure their safety and legal rights in Qatar, giving a substantial boost to the receipt of remittances through legal means,” Special Assistant to the PM Syed Zulfikar Bukhari told APP.

The Qatari government has decided to open the facility in Pakistan in response to efforts made by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Syed Zulfikar Bukhari.

Bukhari said increased job opportunities in Qatar for Pakistani manpower would pave the way to make the national economy stronger and more vibrant.

Bukhari said Qatar wanted to further strengthen its ties with Pakistan, which was evident of the fact that it had selected Pakistan from eight countries for setting up ‘Qatar Visa Center’ to facilitate the aspirant manpower.

In first phase, the special assistant said eight such centers would be set up in selected countries to facilitate the workers of different countries by simplifying the procedure of employee-employer contract before arriving in Qatar.

He said those centers were aimed at protecting the rights of the workforce, who were exploited at the hands of employers.

He hoped that the center would ensure the rights of the workers by verifying contracts reflecting  mutual understanding between them.

Officials at the centers would guide the aspirants regarding recruitment procedure and required documents and criteria for employment in Qatar, besides acquainting them about their legal rights.

The initiative would not only bring down numbers of returning workers due to different complexities abroad but also ensure instant employment soon after their entry into Qatar.

Referring to his recent meeting with Qatari ambassador in Pakistan, Bukhari said the envoy had reposed confidence in Pakistan and given a positive gesture by increasing the number of jobs for Pakistani workforce in his country.

Currently, he said, there were around 115,000 Pakistani workers in Qatar, while it had recently announced over 100,000 more jobs for Pakistanis.


Posted on: 2018-10-21T14:58:00+05:00