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Pakistan’s Yearly inflation at 3.97 Percent in November

According to figures released by the PBS, the Yearly Inflation rate in November 2017 was 3.97 percent compared to 3.80 percent in October 2017 and 3.81 percent in November 2016. 

The July-November average inflation is 3.572 percent compared to 3.92 percent from the corresponding period last year.

The inflation numbers were below market expectations of 4.16; the widely held consensus among Research Firms and Brokerage Houses.

State Bank in the recent Monetary Policy Announcement predicted the Inflation Rate to remain within the expected range of 5 – 6%. The SBP expects the inflation to remain well below the target of 6% in Fiscal Year 2018.

The major changes in prices came from Green Chili +39%, Eggs +30%, Grapes +13%, Diesel +6.52%, Potatoes +6%, Kerosene Oil +4.7% and Petrol +3.21%

However, on the flipside, prices of Garlic -7%, Black Gram -5.25%, Brown Lentil -2.62% and Bengal Gram -2% witnessed a decline as weather changes the eating habits of the country.

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