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MTB Auction Result – SBP Sells T-Bills worth Rs.329.95 Billion

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The Central Bank conducted an auction on Wednesday in which it sold T-Bills worth Rs 329.95 Billion against a pre-auction target of Rs.350 Billion. The SBP had received bids worth Rs.591.20 Billion out of which Rs. 258 billion was for the 12Month instrument, Rs.232 Billion was for the 3Month instrument while the 6Month instrument got bids worth Rs.100Billion.

Tenor Cutoff Yld W.A Yield Realized Face Value

Auction Result

3M 6.2591 6.2514 169,366.25 171,802.90
6M 6.2665 6.2392 56,731.08 58,496.00
12M 6.2758 6.2199 93,839.28 99,660.00
Tenor 03-Feb-2016 20-Jan-2016 Change

Yield Comparison Vs. Previous Auction

3M 6.2591 6.1697 0.0894
6M 6.2665 6.1812 0.0853
12M 6.2758 6.2306 0.0452


Posted on: 2016-02-03T18:42:00+05:00

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