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Pioneer Cement manages to shrink losses on the back...

October 29, 2020 (MLN): Pioneer Cement Company Limited (PIOC) has managed to shrink its losses for 1QFY21 by 79% YoY to Rs39.5 million from Rs 185.4 million incurred in the same quarter of last year.

The loss per share of the company also reduced by the same percent from Rs 0.82 to Rs 0.17 per share.

The company was able to reduce its losses mainly on the back of 92% YoY increase in local cement dispatches, and better cement retention prices (North prices increased by 5% YoY).

According to the report by BMA Capital, during the quarter under study, PIOC’s overall volume increased by 92% YoY to 0.7 million tons compared to 0.3 million tons in 1QFY20. The increase was driven by the surge in both local and export dispatches which increased by 93% and 12% YoY respectively. As a result, net sales increased by 113% YoY to Rs 4 billion that took gross profit to Rs 307 million, up by 809% YoY.

The gross margins of the company increased by 6ppts YoY to 8% mainly on account of higher cement dispatches and improved prices. On the other hand, Distribution and Admin expense declined by 20.8% YoY and 3% YoY respectively. Meanwhile, Finance cost increased significantly to Rs 429 million, up by 361.8% YoY due to the commencement of the new line, the report stated.

Financial Results for the Quarter ended September 30, 2020 ('000 Rupees)




% change

Sales - net




Cost of sales




Gross profit




Distribution cost




Administrative expenses




Other income




Other expenses








Operating profit




Finance cost




Profilt before taxation








Profit after taxation




Loss/ Earnings per share - basic and diluted (Rs.)




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BIPL to sell 8 million shares of BankIslami Modaraba...

October 29, 2020 (MLN): BanIslami Pakistan Limited has, with the approval of its Board of Directors, approved the sale of 8,000,000 shares of BankIslami Modaraba Investments Limited to Mr. Atique Ahmed Khan (one of the promoters/sponsors of the Ghani Global Group) or any nominee.

These shares represent 100% of the issued and paid-up ordinary share capital of BankIslami Modaraba Investments Limited.

The above transaction would be subject to the procurement of all applicable shareholders’ and regulatory approvals and finalization of the transaction documentation.

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PKR’s Real Effective Exchange Rate Index increases by 2.54...

Oct 29, 2020 (MLN): Pak Rupee's Real Effective Exchange Rate Index (REER) increased by 2.54 percent in September 2020 to a provisional value of 94.12 from the revised value of 91.79 in August 2020.

According to data published by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the REER index has decreased by 0.25 percent compared to September 2019.

Similarly the Nominal Effective Exchange rate Index (NEER) increased by 1.09 percent in September to a provisional value of 58.17 from the revised value of 57.54 in August. On a yearly basis, the NEER Index has decreased by 7.78 percent.

PKR closed September at 165.7021 against the USD having appreciated by 0.32 percent compared to its value in August 2020. However, Compared to September 2019 PKR has depreciated by by 5.97 percent.

REER is a measure of the value of a currency against a weighted average of several foreign currencies, an increase in REER implies that exports become more expensive and imports become cheaper therefore, this increase indicates a decline in trade competitiveness.


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State Bank’s Forex Reserves Increase by USD 54.90 Million

Oct 29, 2020 (MLN): Pakistan's Forex Reserves decreased by USD 5.10 Million or 0.03% and the total liquid foreign reserves held by the country stood at USD 19,296.50 Million on Oct 23, 2020.

According to data published by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) its reserves increased by USD 54.90 Million .

Summary of Holding and Weekly Change

Foreign reserves held byOct 23, 2020Oct 16, 2020Change% Change
State Bank of Pakistan12,121.5012,066.6054.900.45%
Net Foreign Reserves Held by Banks7,175.007,235.00-60.00-0.83%
Total Liquid Foreign Reserves19,296.5019,301.60-5.10-0.03%

Amount in USD Million

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Nishat Chunian Ltd’s earnings grow over two-fold during 1QFY21

October 29, 2020 (MLN): Nishat Chunian Limited has disclosed its financial results for 1QFY21 ended September 2020 wherein the company reported its net profit of Rs 480 million (EPS: Rs 2), showing 2.7 times YoY growth against net profits of Rs 173 million (EPS: 0.72) in the same period of last fiscal year.

As per the financial statement, as a glut of demand for value-added textile business has come forth with the retail sector opening up worldwide post-COVID-19 lockdown, NCL’s sales revenue went up by 25.04% YoY. Moreover, the exports for this quarter were also quite impressive.  As a result, the gross profits of the company increased by 7% YoY despite an increase in the cost of sales by 27.67% YoY.

On the cost side, the major highlight is the increase in its major expense heads as distribution cost jumped by 24% YoY. While administrative cost and other expenses decreased by 12% and 38%, YoY, respectively.

The increase in earnings is primarily attributed to 2.3 times YoY increase in other income, standing at Rs 206 million during the period under review.

Meanwhile, a 26% decline in finance cost to Rs 459 million also contributed to the bottom line.

 Profit and Loss Statement for the first quarter ended September 30th, 2020 (Rupees)




% Change





Cost of Sales




Gross Profit




Distribution Cost




Administrative expenses




Other operating expenses




Other operating income




Finance cost




Profit before taxation








Profit after taxation




Earnings per share - basic and diluted (Rupees)





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