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State Bank of Pakistan reports FDI fall for cement sector

According to data of the State Bank of Pakistan, country has received a net foreign direct investment (FDI) of US$1.381bn in July-Dec 2017-18 compared to US$1.421bn in same period last year. This translates a fall of 2.8 per cent of foreign investment in Pakistan.

Out of this FDI, the net investment for cement sector during July-Dec 2017-18 stood at US$18.7m compared to US$20.4m in July-Dec 2016-17. This translates a fall of 8.33 per cent.

However, in a separate note, expansion projects in cement industry increased the import of equipment for cement sector in last fiscal year. According to the bank report, about 21,148 units of grinding and crushing machinery for cement plants were imported during Jul-May FY17, against only 628 units purchased in the same period last year. China, Germany and the USA were the major exporting countries. 

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