Nepra reduces electricity tariffs by Rs0.68 per unit for March

April 29, 2021 (MLN): The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) on Wednesday, approved a reduction of up to Rs0.68 per unit in tariffs of Distribution Companies (Discos) on account of fuel charges adjustment for the month of March 2021.

As per details, the petition filed by Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) for a fuel price adjustment for March’21 was heard by Chairman NEPRA.

CPPA in its tariff petition argued that the reference fuel price was Rs6.2295 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). However, the actual fuel price for March came in at Rs5.6146 per kWh, hence a cut of Rs0.61 per kWh was sought.

On the basis of the data provided by CPPA, and after hearing the arguments of stakeholders, Chairman Nepra stated that reduction will be between Rs 0.63 to Rs 0.68 per unit in March 2021. However, lifeline consumers will not be eligible for this benefit.

According to the data submitted to Nepra, Coal-based power plants contributed the highest share of 30.5% or 2,734.39 GWh to the overall generation during March 2021. RLNG-based power plants accounted for 21.11% or 1,892.77 GWh and hydel generation is for 19.42% or 1,740.58 GWh. The cost of Coal and RLNG based electricity was Rs7.2595 and Rs9.0667 per unit respectively.

Moreover, 1,036.22 GWh or 11.56% of electricity was generated from local gas-based power plants with a per-unit cost of Rs 7.6498. The total generation from Nuclear sources was 940.16 GWh accounting for 10.49% of total generation and its cost of electricity was Rs1.0261 per unit.

The RFO based energy contributed about 2.62% or 235.12 GWh to the national grid at a most expensive fuel cost of Rs11.9166 per unit. The percentage share of Wind generation was 1.89% or 169.52 GWh with a zero-generation cost.

The Baggasse based energy contributed about 1% or 90.08 GWh of electricity at a cost of Rs 5.9822 per unit. The percentage share of Wind generation was 1.35% or 98.11 GWh with a zero-generation cost.

Solar-based electricity contributed 0.74% or 66.37 GWh., while the contribution of mixed generation, ie, from different sources, was 20.88 GWh at a price of Rs 5.1788 per unit.

The total energy generated recorded 8,964.80 GWh, at a basket price of Rs 5.5455 per unit. The total cost of energy was Rs49.715 billion. CPPA-G also sought a reduction of Rs 349 million in previous adjustments.  The sale to IPPs was also reduced by 39.85 GWh, the price of which was Rs 999 million while the cost of reduced transmission losses was Rs 310.4 million or Rs 0.1953 per unit.  

According to the CCPA data, net electricity delivered to Discos in March’21 was 8,614.55 GWh at a rate of Rs 5.6146 per unit, the total price of which was Rs48.367 billion.  

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