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NBP announces inflationary allowance by up to Rs65,000 per month

August 18, 2022 (MLN): The Board of Directors of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has approved an interim inflationary allowance up to Rs65,000 per month, the notice issued on Thursday said.

The interim inflationary allowance is to be considered temporary, which will be paid to employees on monthly basis from July 2022 till December 2022 through monthly payroll, the notice read.  

Accordingly, CL/NC/ Players – OG-I officers will get an inflationary allowance in addition to their salary within the range of Rs7,500-Rs10,000. Meanwhile, AVP- SEVP will receive Rs12,500 to Rs65,000 for six months.

The allowance will be added to the August payroll which will also include the July arrear.

The bank also appreciated its employees for performing with great devotion and zeal, despite being burdened by extreme inflationary pressures and additional income tax at higher grades.

NBP has always stood behind its people during tough times, it noted.

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